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Travis Tucker

. . .  is an incredibly diverse entertainer.  His voice ranges from caressing silky smooth ballads, to punching high energy dance tunes, to delivering intricate raps.  Not just a singer, Travis performs with electrifying dance moves and natural charisma.  Travis is also an accomplished songwriter and motivational speaker.  He has spread his message of “living every day” to thousands of youths across the Northern Virginia area.


Travis is best known for his appearance on American Idol Season 4 where he advanced to the top 16.  Since then, he has been invited to perform for the Washington Redskins, Washington Wizards, and various news outlets. Travis also wrote the theme song for the Prince William County Anti-Texting and Driving campaign, “It Can’t Wait.”


Travis has released one full length album, “Live!” (2008) and two EP’s “Travis & Holly: 3.22.13” (2013) and “Travis Tucker 2.0” (2015).  His songs always carry a positive, often poetic, message and fuse the sounds of the past with the energy of the present.  Travis describes his sound as energy like Bruno Mars, soul like John Legend, with a touch of rap a la Jay-Z.


Travis has been performing with DC’s most sought after band, Millennium, since 2006.  He is now the lead singer and bandleader as they continue to entertain 50+ events each year.  You can also find Travis performing solo with his acoustic guitar and looper pedal.  He has pioneered the instantaneous digital request where you tell him what song to play next without leaving your seat.


Along with performing, Travis is also a professional educator  He graduated from the University of Virginia in 2006 with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Teaching.  He taught math for 10+ years and has been supporting our youth ever since.  

When he is not teaching or performing, Travis loves playing soccer and basketball, salsa dancing, board games, and solving riddles.  Most importantly, Travis loves spending time with his incredibly loving and supporting wife, his world-changing children, his inspiring family, and his loyal friends.

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